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A fusion of commercial jazz, hip-hop and Street.

Many people are confused with what the difference between Jazz and Street jazz is. Well, basically street jazz is a combination of modern-dance styles of hip hop, funk, electronic dance, and of course, jazz. Learn from one of the most well known and talented instructors trained at Broadway NY in the art of contemporary dance. Highlight of the class are the fantastic stretches and body bends done at the end of the sessions to make your body sway to its own tune. If you are still confused, definitely come down to our class to find out!

What is the age restriction for Street Jazz?

There are 2 separate batches for kids and adults. The adults batch is on Wednesday evenings, while the kids batch is on Saturday mornings. Children upto 14 can enroll in the kids batch.

I have a stiff body. Will I be able to dance?

Dancing is not about being better than someone else. Its about recognizing your own tune and comfort level. This class is specifically aimed at improving your flexibility and finding your own groove. Ever noticed a person with 2 left feet still manages to grab attention simply by being comfortable with himself.

What am I supposed to carry for the sessions?

Carry a pair of unsoiled shoes (to protect the wooden flooring), water bottle & a towel (if you sweat a lot).


Once a week (1.5 Hrs) (4 sessions) | Rs. 2200/month

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