Standup Comedy Shows



Trust theSquare to offer the most unique range of activities in Powai. Gear up every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to get your funny juices oozing with our standup comedy shows. Presenting a lineup of some of the most famous standup comedy artists, motivational speakers and even amateurs looking to test their humor skills in public during our open mic nights at the studio on select days.

Fantastic warm ambience, mood lighting, chic decor, best acoustic system and sumptous food offerings make theSquare into one of the most sought after places for artists looking to perform in front of an audience of upto 100 people. Its the perfect setting for an alternative to going to the movies yet again, followed by a typical dinner. Here patrons, bond with each other, interact with the artists in a very friendly manner, get gags pulled on them by artists. In fact you could plan a birthday party for someone special in such a setting. It could get very creative with the birthday boy/girl being surprised out of his/her life to know that they are gonna be targeted all night. It can leave memorable moments for life. 

How can we buy the tickets to such shows?

Once a show is declared on our facebook page, a link for the tickets is also mentioned. Normally the ticket is sold on platforms such as bookmyshow etc. You may buy them directly at the studio also by paying cash.  

Is there food being served at such shows

Depending on the turnaround and food partner availability there may or may not be food options during these shows

What are open mic nights

These are nights when audience members can share jokes on the stage and see if they have it in them to make the audience laugh. Comedy is a serious talent and needs honing of skills to be able to perform in front of packed rooms. During such nights every mistake you make is pardoned. In fact the fellow audience members help you unleash yourself and know yourself better. Its a platform for budding artists.

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