Naach @ theSquare is for those looking for fun dance sessions on bollywood music with the bubbly and fun duo Nicole & Sonal. This is a fun dance class which has elements of bollywood, belly, hip hop, kathak and free style dance infused. The fusion of these dance forms makes this a super interesting routine which is loved by our patrons. This is without doubt the best dance class for those looking for learning the bollywood jhatkas and have fun at the same time.


Is it only for girls?

 Dancing is all about having fun and loosing yourself to your natural grace. While women have shown more interest for these dance classes, it is definitely open to men as well.

Is this a workout routine or just dance?

Our bollywood class sessions are more about learning dance and having fun. Loosing weight by sweating it out is a natural by-product of dancing 🙂

I have 2 left feet. I am not sure if I can do those steps.

We aren’t trying to create professional stage dancers here right? We care more about making you comfortable in discovering your natural grace so that when you move in a party or the cousins sangeet, people cant help but watch you dance. Its not about how complicated are the steps you do, but rather about how much are you enjoying from within and how natural you are.

We are a private group and want to get a song choreographed for our cousins sangeet. Is it possible?

Absolutely yes. We have had groups of expats coming in for personal group dances, sangeet preparation groups, annual dance show choreography for individuals and groups upto 25 also. Give us a call and we`ll let you know how it can be executed.


Twice a week (8 sessions) | Rs. 2800/month

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