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“Knock-Out in 5 seconds”

KravMaga (Hebrew “close combat”) is a Self Defense and Military Combat System.

It got world-wide popularity after it was adopted by various Israeli Military services; now also in use by the Special Forces of other countries.

KravMaga, is not a sport, and there are no specific uniforms, or competitions. All the techniques focus real-life conditions. KravMaga attacks and defenses are intended for potentially lethal threat situations, aim to neutralize and escape via maximum pain as rapidly and safely BY Crippling attacks to vulnerable body parts, including groin and eye strikes, headbutts and improvized use of any objects available, and maximizing personal safety in a fight, are emphasized.

The guiding principles for those performing KravMaga techniques are:

  1. a) Neutralize the threat
  2. b) Avoid injury
  3. c) Go from defending to attacking as quickly as possible
  4. d) Use the body’s natural reflexes
  5. e) Strike at any vulnerable point
  6. f) Use any tool or object nearby

The basic idea is to first deal with the immediate threat prevent the attacker from re-attacking, and then neutralize the attacker, in a methodical manner, despite the rush of adrenaline that occurs in such an attack.

Isn’t self-defense to be learnt in childhood? Is it too late for me now?

Most people associate self-defence with it being something to be done in childhood. That’s not really true. Truth is with aggression rising in the society around, it has become more important than ever before to learn “practical” self-defense to protect yourself and your loved ones. We highly encourage people; particularly women to learn KravMaga and gift yourself the confidence to go where you wish to and wear what you want to without fearing for your safety.

I learnt Karate as a child. Why do I need to learn self-defense now?

While most of us may have learnt some form of self-defense in our childhood, how many of us feel comfortable to handle street situations today? Doesn’t it still dread you to think how you would handle a road rage incident, or a knife attack  or just plain some idiot who thinks he can use your body the way he wishes? KravMaga promises to give you the confidence to handle all such real life situations.

Are the trainers professionally qualified to teach KravMaga?

Our instructors are officially linked to the global KravMaga institute. They teach the same techniques as taught by the Israeli KravMaga professionals.

Is there only self-defense taught or is fitness included too?

What use is pure technique if you lack the necessary power in your fight or lack the reflex to handle the situation in a matter of seconds.KravMaga includes fitness and fat burning aerobic workouts (weight loss) as well as strength training. Kick boxing is an integral part of the course.

What am I supposed to carry for the sessions?

Carry a pair of unsoiled shoes (to protect the wooden flooring), water bottle & a towel (if you sweat a lot).


Twice a week (8 sessions) | Rs. 2600/month

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