Intensive Transformation Program (ITP)


ITP focuses on not just losing weight but also becoming fit by using modules from crossfit, insanity, plyometrics, sports training, resistant training, etc. using no equipment. Apart from feeling lighter, results have shown people increasing their strength, stamina, endurance & thereby becoming fit.

ITP is aimed at strengthening your core fitness and targets the abs, glutes, back and calf muscles specifically. It’s a good alternative to the gym and loved by our patrons.


What is the age restriction for ITP?

We strongly believe in the classic adage “After all age is just a number”. If a person is determined to remain fit, he shall do the necessary things irrespective of age. As long as you are able to jog freely and do not have heart / breathrelated issues, we do not think fitness training should be an issue. Nevertheless, we advise those with any medical issues to speak to our trainers directly who can guide them about the session.

Does the ITP involve weight training as well?

There is absolutely no use of external weights. ITP utilizes the body weight to attain fitness.

What am I supposed to carry for the sessions?

Carry a pair of unsoiled shoes (to protect the wooden flooring), water bottle & a towel (if you sweat a lot). Additionally a yoga mat is highly recommended.


Thrice a week (12 sessions) | Rs. 5300/month

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