Want to loose that post-pregnancy flab?

Need to improve your cardio endurance?

Feel bored in the gym while running on the treadmill reaching nowhere?

Bollyfit is our most popular dance based fitness routine aimed at those looking to lose weight or indulge in cardio exercises without having to stare at oneself in the mirror while running on the treadmill. A combination of Bollywood dance coupled with Aerobics makes this fitness routine the perfect workout chosen by patrons at theSquare since its inception.


Is it only for women?

While women participants have shown a lot more interest in this dance based workout, there are many men also who prefer to workout in our bollyfitsessions rather than go to the gym. Moreover, the instructor is male.

How can Bollywood dancing help me reduce weight?

These are high intensity carefully choreographed dance routines aimed towards aerobic workouts. The level of cardio exercise will be such that you will sweat intensely inspite of the powerful air conditioning.

Is this a certification course?

No. This is a fun session without any certifications involved.

Are there couple dance movements in this, like in Salsa??

No. These are strictly individual routines. We know you don’t wanna touch other sweaty bodies.

What am I supposed to carry for the sessions?

Carry a pair of unsoiled shoes (to protect the wooden flooring), water bottle & a towel (if you sweat a lot)

  1. Batch 1: Twice a week (8 sessions) | Rs. 2800/month
  2. Batch 2: Thrice a week (12 sessions) | Rs. 3800/month

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